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With what care does this site handles personal data of its users and visitors?

We use “them” as neutral pronoun to refer to people regardless of gender identity.

This document details Sutty’s privacy policy, including web site, platform, other infrastructure (support channels, etc.) and web sites generated by users.

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  • Sutty doesn’t collect any kind of personal data.

  • Sutty may only collect statistical data that doesn’t identify individuals.

Analytic data

Sutty may only collect data for analytics (number of visits, duration, etc.), not associated to personal data.

Analytical data collected for every web site can only be used internally by Sutty. Sutty doesn’t share any data privately with any third parties. Selected analytical data could be used publicly.

Sutty doesn’t recommend personal data collection in any way, but it doesn’t monitor if its users use third party services with their own privacy policies. We recommend users and visitors to inform themselves before using third parties analytics services.

No personal data collection

Sutty doesn’t collect IP addresses from users nor visitors in any way.

Sutty doesn’t ask for personal data for registering user accounts in its platform.

Sutty only uses session “cookies” to identify users during their use of the platform. It doesn’t use “cookies” to identify visitors of web sites hosted by Sutty.

The only exception where Sutty could collect personal data is during service payment. Digital safety measures will be taken to keep this information and to discard it if possible after needed.

Users will be notified when their personal data is removed.

If users decide to host their web sites with third parties, they must inform themselves about the corresponding privacy policies. Sutty only recommends third parties with privacy policies compatible with these.