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Which are the conditions for Sutty’s users?

We use gender-neutral pronouns such as they/them to refer to people independently of their gender identities.

This document details Sutty’s Terms of Service, including web site, publishing platform, related infrastructure (chat rooms, etc.) and web sites created by users through the platform. From now on it will be refered as “Sutty”.

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  • Sutty is developed for organizations, collectives, campaigns and individuals that are struggling to change the world :)

  • Web sites promoting or inciting hate towards people for their body diversity, habilities, neuro-diversity, ethnicity, gender identities and expression, experiencie level, nationality, physical appearance, race, religion, age or sexual identity and orientation are definitely now allowed.

  • Web sites promoting fascism are not allowed.

  • Sutty doesn’t monitor web site content, but reserves the right to remove those that don’t follow these terms of service and/or code of conduct.

Who are welcome to Sutty

We invite every organization, collective, activist, campaign, cooperative, artist and other forms of grouping that promote diversity, freedom of expression, trans-feminism, cooperativism, social economy, free culture…

In case of doubt, please contact us.

Who are not welcome to Sutty

Fascists, mysogynists, violents and hate groups are not welcome here. You can check our code of conduct.

Sutty doesn’t monitor the content of hosted web sites, we reserve the right to remove any sites and users that fall in these categories and to further block them to register new ones.

Acceptable use

Sutty users can make use of the features of the offered services, in accordance with the collective agreements gathered in the code of conduct.

Users cannot host web sites that put the services and their infrastructure at risk, specially those action that could put Sutty in blacklists for activities such as spam, malware, phishing, etc.

Not complying with these conditions could lead to web site and related user accounts removal.

Limitation of liability

Sutty cannot be held responsible for the content of the web sites hosted nor the personal opinion of users, and it doesn’t monitor said content in any way.

Even though backups are made internally and features for tracking changes in web sites are provided, users are responsible for keeping up to date backups of their sites and profile data.

Web site and related user accounts removal

Not complying with this and other documents related to good conduct and use of Sutty’s offered services may result in web sites and related user accounts removal.

Users will receive an explanation of the motives leading to removal.

This removal will be sole decision of Sutty’s administrators.

Free software and warranty limitation

Sutty is developed and published as free software under the terms of the AGPLv3 license. Other complements and content may be published under different licenses.

This implies that every person has access to source code and can study, modify and use it without warranty of fitness for a particular purpose.

Access to source code and licensing information.