Sutty creates safe, fast and visible web sites

We’ve been feeling the urgency of having web sites that keep us safe, evading censorship, making our struggles visible in a coherent way, with self-management included.

That’s why we developed Sutty!

Sutty incorporates the vanguardist tecniques of the technological elites and takes them closer to our political objectives, making them accessible for collectives to express their voices.

Sutty is developed to empower presence, safety and freedom to activist organizations and collectives.

Sutty's logo A Y composed by >/, where > is cyan and / magenta. The animation starts with /> and crosses horizontally to form >/

web sites

coherent. gentle. fast. accessible. visible. invulnerable. ecological. sustainable. collaborative


trans-feminist, ecologist, disident, communitary, plural, solidary, anticolonialist, diverse

organizations, activists, campaigns, collectives, fighters, economies

An exclamation point beating to call our attention

Sutty takes us closer to the technology used by hacktivists

Sutty empowers you to generate your web site, reducing complexities in the technology prefered by hacktivists.

Sutty understands that developing the best site should not be complex: we want the most efficient technologies to be reachable by everyone.

Sutty discards failures and vulnerabilities from most web sites: having a safe web site is at our hands!

Sutty gives you the trust you need in your web site.

Web sites made with Sutty work forever.

A greater than symbol, ">"

Let's become invulnerable to attacks and trolls!

Web sites made with Sutty are unbeatable.

Most vulnerabilities that can affect a web site come from failures on the technologies they use. Sutty works with radically different technologies, that don’t have them!

Sutty removes the most common risks for a web site.

A hash symbol, "#"

For a sustainable and ecological Web

Sutty uses fewer resources

Computers and smartphones are made using rare minerals extracted from the Global South by exploiting people and other species and destroying the environment. When a web sites uses many resources, they deepen the issue.

Sutty contributes to a sustainable and ecological Web.

A star symbol, "*"

For a web where our sites reach more people, without hidden recipes

Sutty makes fast and visible web sites

The most visited web sites in the Internet are those appearing first in search engines.

Search engines prioritize the fastest web sites and hide the slowest. That’s why we want our web sites to be faster without investing extra in positioning campaigns.

Sutty optimizes web sites to be faster and be better positioned in search engines.

Sutty makes your web site more visible to have more potential visitors.

Sutty reaches more people.

A tilde symbol, like in the ñ, "~"

For a Web where everyone can participate

Sutty implements caring and tecniques to make the Web more accessible

An Internet for everyone contemplates people functionally diverse, neuro diverse, and experience of trauma.

Sutty keeps informed of accessibility for web sites and works towards it with their communities.

Sutty promotes content warnings to care about sensitive topics, contributing to empower compassive and resilient communities.

A caret symbol, "^"

For a Web that preserves collective memory

Sutty makes web sites that survive censorship and time.

With Sutty, web sites are easily archivable and transportable, making them available even when blocked and censored or not maintained anymore.

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Sutty allows web sites to be available in multiple locations.

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